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*Note: In the real exam you will see questions and content that are not included in the official study manual. As stated in ACAMS, the study manual is merely for reference and does not necessarily include all possible examination content. As such, the overall AML, CFT, and breath of compliance and risk management knowledge is required. Therefore, we prepared additional quizzes so that you will have better coverage of the possible examination content.

Again, as stated in our important notes section, the ACAMS exam database is enormous and no vendor in the market can possibly cover all examination content. You will see a much longer question length in the real exam and it is designed to consume your time. Get well prepared for the real exam and achieve at least 90% correct in all quizzes to increase your pass rate. 

If you need more time to prepare the examination, you can extend your exam date with ACAMS. We also a huge discount for existing users to extend their access period below.

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