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The Power of Compound

Albert Einstein reportedly said, “He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it”. He is referring to compound interest. Then how does it relate to our study? In this article, we will share with you the secret weapon to take your study, not just CAMS Exam, but all your future examination to the next level.

Apart from working in CAMSExam as an exam specialist, I like to spare most of my spare time in reading. One of my favorite book – Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, shared the concept of doing one little thing every day and in the compound, it will have a massive effect. If you would like to lose 10 pounds by jogging or running, which one will be more difficult to achieve, to jog/run 60 minutes every Saturday or jog/run 10 minutes every day after dinner or lunch? Apparently, the later is much easier to do.

Not only it’s easier for you to achieve the goal of 60 minutes of exercise, but it will also help you to develop a habit in exercise. The truth is, scientifically proven, after 21 days, you will begin to develop the habit to exercise and is less reluctant to it. This is the same in everything in life, your relationship, finance, health, career but I digress. Though, the book Slight Edge is highly recommended and will definitely change your life.

Applying the method of the compound in CAMS Examination study is easy, each day, no matter how tired, how busy or reluctant you are. Spent 20 minutes a day and take one set of CAMSExam practice question. If 20 minutes is too much for you, then lower it to 15 minutes. Never do cramming in the study and inclined to think that taking 5 or 10 annual leaves and rush them all will give you a desirable result. The CAMS Examination is getting more difficult, this is conceivable because ACAMS strive to protect the reputation of CAMS (otherwise it won’t worth the time and money right?).

If you are lucky, you might hit 75 or 76 in the exam if you push all the information to your brain at once. Chances are, you will only have a shallow understanding of the concepts behind. Is spending 20 minutes a day in study easy to do? Yes. So as not spending 20 minutes a day in study. Would you rather study for 2 hours on Saturday or would you prefer breaking it down to 20 minutes a day and have a better memory on what you learned? The average attention span for an adult is roughly around 14 minutes, after 14 minutes, your attention will drop and at 35 minutes or more, your brain goes into reactive mode and you are merely starring at your study manual reading line by line and wasting your time.

It is best to break down your study in a structured plan, leverage the slight edge and turn it into compound interest, the interest of knowledge and memory.

To your success

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Chris used to work in the AML field in a financial organization. He's now the team leader in CAMS EXAM in examination team. Consolidating and reviewing CAMS EXAM quiz bank and study materials.

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