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Memorization Sequence

Benefits from our unique memorization sequence. You will be tested the same concepts from time to time. Turn your long term memory into long term memory

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These tips will help you to study three times more efficiently and remember more without spending more time in study

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You can study in your fragment and idle time and fully utilize your study efficiency.

Final Practice Paper To Estimate Exam Score

Decide whether you are well prepared for the exam or you should reschedule the exam.

3400+ Practice Questions

Very large questions bank for you to practice, cover all concepts.

Structured By Chapters Study Materials & Questions

Break down your study in chapters and quash them one by one.

Frequently Updated Test Bank

Ensure you get the fresh and most updated test bank that is tested recently.

Unique Questions Bank by CAMSExam

Each and every questions are carefully crafted by our exam team. Adhere to the real examination format and pinpoint all recently tested concepts.

Unlimited Access For Assigned Period

Practice as much as you need. There is no limitation on the number of access.

Save Your Precious Time In Preparing The Exam

You get to enjoy the supreme practice questions and save you a lot of time in preparing CAMS examination.

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No question asked, one year success guarantee. This is how confident we are with our service.

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27 Reasons Why Candidates Trust us Over Our Competitors

1. Put Your Mind In Active State

Clear your concepts and maximize your study efficiency. Put your brain into an active state by taking practice questions but not reactive one reading study materials line by line

2. Leverage Spaced Learning

Research shows that your memory on a specific word, topic or concept will be reinforced if you encounter them three times in a spaced interval. The more the merrier. CAMS Exam practice questions are structured in a way that we will ask you the relevant concepts from time to time and help you leverage the spaced learning technique.

3. Know Your Progress

With CAMSExam practice questions, you will get to know which part and area requires more attention before you take the real

4. Get Updated

CAMSExam content is updated very frequently so that you may have the latest information on the recently examined concepts.

5. Massive Values

Time is money, saving your valuable time and maximizing the study efficiency enables you to handle other important tasks.

6. Free From Painful Zooming

Our competitor provides you with a PDF, meaning you have to hold your phone or tablet on one hand and the other to hand to zoom in the PDF to read line by line painfully. You will also need to download software in your phone to open the file and every time a new version released, you have to repeat the same process.

7. Free From Software Download Headache

No software download is required. No limitation on the number of computers to access your account. All our practice questions and materials are available in our cloud system. Log in and access immediately.

8. Fresh And New

All practice questions are periodically taken down, amended and reuploaded to ensure candidates like you enjoy the latest version questions to practice.

9. Unconditional Guarantee

No question asked, hassle-free until you pass guarantee. If you do not find our service top notch, you are too busy to use our practice tools or even you are sick on the exam day and underperformed. We grant you another round of access for Free.

10. Study By Chapters

Practice questions in CAMSExam are segmented by chapters so that you can clear the concepts by topics before heading to the next one.

11. Maximize Your Downtime

Travelling, waiting for the bus, the train, queuing are all wasted time in our life. With CAMSExam, you can practice anytime with a handheld and maximize your downtime.

12. Know Your Success Rate By Taking Final Preparation Quiz

Our final preparation questions set to adhere to the number of questions and time allowed in real CAMS exam. Estimate your success rate and understand how well you have prepared for the final exam and decide if you should reschedule your exam and not to spend extra USD299 and retake the exam.

13. Full Exam Content Coverage

The CAMS examination test a variety of concepts and knowledge. A few hundreds of question to practice is not sufficient and will put you in a dangerous position to fail the exam. Our 2000+ practice questions fully cover each and every concept you can possibly encounter in the real examination. The real master tool to prepare CAMS exam - guaranteed

14. Unique Advantage

Leverage experience and carefully crafted practice questions. Let us be your perfect weapon and win the battle.

15. Enjoy Studying

For the first time, studying is no longer a boring task. Fun and interesting practice questions, straight to the point key study notes and carefully structured questions bank for memorization are yours.

16. Free Bonus Tips

Abraham Lincoln once said "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." Our exclusive free bonus tips show you how to study much more efficiently that practically free you hundred of hours studying. These tips not only work for CAMS exam but in your future studies.

17. Increase Your Salary Package

Almost every job in the AML, compliance, fraud examiner field require CAMS professional qualification and they are written explicitly in the job description. Pay a fraction to get the tools you need and get certified as soon as possible to increase your competitiveness and secure the next promotion or job opportunity.

18. No Money Wasted On Advertisement

As you might have already noticed. We place no ads on Google, Facebook or any platform. We relies 100% on words of mouth and we believe only a good reputation in the market will build a everlasting business. No ads also means none of your money invested today goes to advertisement and all goes to the quality of study materials you purchase today.

19. You Get More Than Just An Insurance

Candidates do not use our service as insurance to boost their success rate. We help them make study much less stressful, headache and time-consuming. You will find preparing CAMS exam with a lot more fun with us.

20. You Increase Your Passing Rate Significantly

It is estimated that the passing rate for CAMS is roughly 40% and the exam is expected to be more difficult in the future. After all, CAMS exam is a compulsory exam for the majority of banks and financial institutions. Statistically, CAMSExam users achieve up to 93% passing rate, you will increase your chances to pass the CAMS exam in the first attempt significantly.

21. You Leverage Our Revolutionary Memorization System

Before you even noticed, you remember exam content much better than our competitors. We structure our questions in a sequence that help you to leverage the spaced learning system (SLS) effectively.

22. You Get Instant Access

All our competitors require you to wait for a day or at least a few hours to confirm the payment and send you the study materials. With CAMSExam, you will not waste even a second and can begin your success in CAMS examination.

23. You Found The Specialist

As our brand name speaks for itself, we focus on CAMS examination only. 100% focus on one examination means the possibility to provide the best quality of practice questions and study materials for you.

24. You Can Forget About Any IT Softwares Trouble

Start practicing immediate once payment complete. No hassle and the need to download any computer software. Support all devices.

25. You Selected The First and #1 Option

CAMSExam is the first 3rd party vendor in the market to provide dedicated and professional coverage in CAMS examination.

26. You Get The Best Quality Practice Tools

We decided many years ago that it would be easier to explain price one time than to apologize for poor quality or poor service forever. We bet you are glad we made that decision. With CAMSExam, every dollar you invested in yourself is well worth.

27. You Get The Best Deal

With less than a cup of coffee a day, we offer over 3400+ practice questions which follow covers all concepts that can be tested in the examination. CAMS examination is getting more difficult each year and the two hundreds of questions you find elsewhere is just a waste of your time and money.

One Year Unconditional Triple Guarantee

CAMSExam comes with a 100% success guarantee, but we do not stop here. We promise you will significantly improve your probability to pass the exam. Your friends and colleagues will envy your professional CAMS title next to your name in the email signature and Linkedin and you will get the next job promotion and opportunity easily.

We take your trust very seriously, and you have our promise that we will not rest until you pass the CAMS exam by using our service. We believe in our service so much and we guarantee it for one year.

At any time, if you have not achieved success after using our service; if you do not improve your knowledge in preparing CAMS exam; if you do not find our service and attention to your satisfaction top-notch and even if you are too busy working overtime at work and never get the chance to use our system – and we will give you another round of access completely for free. You can also email or send your request by postal mail below.

If you aren’t satisfied we would not feel right keeping your money, so we make it easy to give you access for free. And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove and we promise we won’t question you. For the record, each year we have 1600+ candidates use our service and we haven’t had one single refund request.

In fact, we are so confident in our service and so sure you will be overwhelmed with gratitude for your new career, and your new life, that we’re making this promise… anyone who request a free access will receive, without question, hassle or any delay- Guaranteed.

Do Not Just Take Our Words, See What Our Lovely Clients Think

Passed the exam yesterday with the help of camsexam. promised their wonderful support to give my two cents and testimonial for camsexam which is well deserved. in short, I have gone through each and every question provided and for anything unclear, I refer to the study manual for clarification. the exam itself is difficult, but with a lot of exercises and put in the effort, you can pass as well. thanks, camsexam for the help.

Martha D. Christenson


My colleague recommended camsexam to me when I failed in my first trial, I am v.happy to share my testimonial for camsexam and they truly helped me a lot to get passed in cams!

Davy Velloso


A pleasure to recommend CAMSExam to future cams examination candidates. I subscribed to the 3 months plan and studied around 30 to 45 minutes every day. grinned hard at the last week and passed with 81/120.

George M. Sadler


A pleasure to recommend CAMSExam to future cams examination candidates. I subscribed to the 3 months plan and studied around 30 to 45 minutes every day. grinned hard at the last week and passed with 81/120.

Anne S. Baden


Admittedly I hesitated at the first place to pay for CAMSEXAM, I took a leap of faith and paid for the service. Questions and key study notes are great and very helpful for me to prepare better for the examination. I am not from the AML field and intended to take this exam to brush up my CV. CAMSEXAM is helpful for people like me who have no concept in this field at first glance

James A. Mauldin


Honestly speaking, there is some minor typo in some questions, but that’s acceptable, the content is straight to point, some are indeed very tricky and I would have not imagined how the concepts could be tested until I used camsexam. good service!

Sarah M. Nelson


Customer support Andy is extremely helpful, I purchased the 45 days access but have barely used it ( login once only ) as I am too busy with my project at work. They granted me an addition 45 days of access for free when I show them the change of cams exam date print screen. They truly want you to pass. I am a satisfied customer.

Joan W. Smith


I am very satisfied with the service CAMSEXAM provided and glad I have enrolled to help me get through the exam. It would be even better if it support wire transfer of payment

Dorothy J. Turner


Scored 89/120! thx guys. all the time and effort is well paid off.

DDhiego Fortez


Happy to provide this testimonial for users who are interested in camsexam service. I have taken the 90 days plan and I think I have only taken around 50% of the questions they have. good enough for me to pass with 87/120. I do however, hope that support stripe for payment and support Spanish version.

Patrica A. Pike


Probably the best USD300 investment I have ever made got passed in one goal.

Connie J. Moses


I am a happy customer from camsexam and happy to share their service to my colleagues and friends.

James J. Cook


I have failed the exam twice and passed successfully with CamsExam, their huge questions bank together with key notes will help you to get prepared in exam. I would recommend you to take all the questions and retry those you get it wrong and it will almost guarantee a pass.

James D. Ladd


I have failed twice in the cams examination and passed with my 3rd attempt with camsexam. their support is great and I especially liked how they allow users to study with mobile. I study mostly with my mobile when I take the train to and off work. highly recommended.

Joshua R. Mallard


Promised customer service support Diana to provide this testimonial, tks a lot for allowing me to reschedule my account due to my busy schedule. A pleasure to provide this testimonial and recommend the service to anyone who is struggling in preparing cams exam

Theresa R. Doan


Glad I found your service, wonderful job.

Kathy W. Green


For the record, I was not paid by camsexam for this testimonial, just felt compelled to give these guys the credit as they helped me to pass the ACAMS exam last week!

Gary S. Robbins


Wonderful service, helped me pass in my first attempt today! thrilled to become certified in CAMS!

Robert M. Dallas


Questions in the cams exam I taken last week does not appear exactly the same like I see in practice questions, but they made it clear in the first place, the idea is to take all their practice questions and familiar yourself with the concepts and you will be fine

Donald C. Dumont


Do not attempt to think that you can subscribe and pass without any effort, you’d still need to take time and study, but it gets much easier if you practice through their practice questions!

Shane L. Hunter


Pleased to recommend cams exam to everyone who is interested. ideally, you should read the study manual and go straight to their practice questions until you hit 80%, it will be safer that way

Edward H.


Time is of the essence for me and saving time means saving money, and camsexam just helped me to achieve this goal.

Juan M. Williams


But Wait ... There Is More

After enabling CAMSExam premium access

You will also benefits from our bonus tips:

  1. Bonus One: Advanced Application Of The Ancient Roman Memory Method
  2. Bonus Two: Study Hacks To Reduce Stress And Improve Your Memory
  3. Bonus Three: How To Speed Read And Remember Them
  4. Bonus Four: Learn How To Write Competitive Resume & Help You Your Job Application Stands Out. Get The Dream Job, Pay Raise And Live The Dream Life

The Correct Strategies And Mindset Will Make Your Study 3 Times More Efficient

You got questions? We Have answers

All our study material flash card, enormous quiz bank will be enabled to you immediately.

We structure our exam questions and key concepts highlight so that you can spend minimum time to prepare for the exam.

Study efficiently with your hand held device anytime, anywhere.

We guarantee every penny you invest in yourself today is well worth.

  1. You Save USD299 And A Lot Of Time To Retake The Exam: Do you know you have to wait 60 days before you can take the second attempt? Besides, a candidate is not allowed to take the exam more than three times and no exceptions are allowed. The waiting period after the third attempt is 6 months. For details please refer to official ACAMS FAQ here. With CAMSExam, you buy more than just insurance, but put yourself into the elite field of professionals in your first attempt.
  2. Your Time Worth Every Dollar: We take a taxi; walk the fastest route; work in the most efficient way possible because we all know our time is priceless. Investing in yourself today with the best tool for the CAMS exam is definitely a wise choice.
  3. Less Than A Coffee A Day: For less than a coffee a day, you invest into yourself for knowledge that will pay the highest divided ever in your career.
  4. The Best Quality And Quantities: Our study materials are proven to work and will help you to be successful in the financial field. At CAMSExam, we decided many years ago that it would be easier to explain price one time than to apologize for poor quality or poor service forever. And we bet you are glad we made that decision.
  5. Cheap Will Cost You More: Some of our clients have gone for the USD40 for 90 questions from other vendors and failed the exam. We believe our success relies on your happiness and success in the exam. Choose us and once and for all, you will pass the series exam in one goal.
  6. We Cost Less In The Long Run: You never know what kind of job opportunities you have missed by procrastinating your success. Get the series exam passed so that you can have a better chance to increase your salary package and get the next job opportunity as fast as possible. Why settle for the ‘get by’ when in the long run the good costs less?
  7. You Never Pay Too Much: If you like our product and the cost is your only concern, then you would definitely agree that it is difficult to pay too much for something you really like.
  8. Extremely Affordable Cost: We send our colleagues to attend the exam, formulate our own unique questions so that you can prepare the exam the most effective way ever. The cost to maintain the high quality of questions is high, but not for you. The price we listed here is extremely affordable and well worth it.
  9. Every Dollar Are Well Invested: As you might have already aware, CAMSExam place no advertisement in Google, Bing or any social media. We rely 100% on word of mouth. This also means that every dollar you invest today goes to the acquisition of the practice questions, key study notes, and bonus articles.

CAMS EXAM have years of experience in CAMS. Our examination team attend CAMS exam from time to time to ensure that the latest examined content is covered in our database.

Allow you to spend a minimal amount of time to study exactly what you need to know to get certified.

Three bonus articles will be available to you after payment under the menu tab “Exam Format and Tips”

Bonus Article One: Advanced Application of The Ancient Roman Memory Method

Bonus Article Two: Study Hacks To Reduce Stress And Improve Your Memory

Bonus Article Three: How To Speed Read and Remember Them

The precise number of questions varies from time to time. We constantly remove and add new questions to our database. There are over 3400+ exercise questions for all chapters in total.

The amount of questions will cover all the examined topics and chapters.

Account access is granted automatically. Login details will be sent to you instantly. (Please check spam folder if you have not received them within 1 minute)

Please reset your password here if you cannot log in.

After successfully login to your account, please click the menu tab “Premium Access” for full access.

If the problem persists, please send us an email to [email protected] or reach us at FaceBook page, we will reply within 1 hour.

We respect the copyright of ACAMS and the goal of CAMS EXAM is to facilitate your study but not for candidates to memorize the exact questions and answer in the exam.

As a matter of fact, the questions bank in the real exam is very large which makes it impossible for any candidate to memorize all the questions and answers.

Our study materials and quiz bank will pinpoint the key concepts of the area that will be tested in the real exam.

In the real examination, you may see questions come in a longer length in the text. In CAMSExam, we formulate our questions in a way that tests candidates the core concepts immediately. Therefore, you will see the questions asked in CAMSExam more precise and straight to the point for you to practice and test your knowledge.

CAMS EXAM quiz bank is formed not only by our examination team but also our past candidates. Once you have subscribed to our service and have passed the exam, our dedicated account manager will contact you for us to understand the most refreshed content of the exam.

Once you have subscribed to your service. All the database, quiz bank, study materials will be available to your account instantly. Due to the nature of our service, we regret that we do not have any refund policy.

However, we are very confident that our tools can help you to pass CAMS EXAM, therefore if you have unfortunately failed the exam and have enrolled our premium access at least 15 days before your exam. We will extend your access for another 15 days for USD150 access | 45 days for USD200 access | 90 days for USD250 access and | 180 days for USD350 access within one year of time.

Please note you are required to send us the official ACAMS exam score for verification.

Certainly. Once you have subscribed to our service. You will receive an official receipt in your email.

No. Different subscription plan will have the same study materials and quiz bank. They only differ from the number of days of usage.

We are confident that our tool can help you to pass with ease.  As such, if you have unfortunately, for any reasons, failed the exam, we will grant the same days of access you have purchased within 1 year for free.

For example, if you have enabled 30 days of access and have failed the exam. Within one year of time from the first purchase date, we will grant additional 30 days of access for you for free until you have passed the exam. Likewise, for candidate whom purchased 90 days of access, free access of 90 days will be granted if candidate have failed the exam.

Please note, candidates are required to provide failed exam screen shot for proof.

CAMSExam reserve the rights for any decision and any decision are considered final.

We accept all sort of credit cards in the world. No PayPal account is needed for payment and PayPal is the world famous #1 payment gateway to protect your personal information.

ACAMS have not endorsed any 3rd party vendor. CAMSExam have no affiliation with ACAMS or any official organization.

As much as we want to provide a subscription plan less than 15 days and acquire more business, however from our past experience, 30 days is the minimum amount of days for our candidate to complete at least 50% of our practice questions.

We sincerely want to help you to pass the CAMS exam with our service, as such, we regret that we do not have any subscription plan for less than 15 days.

We highly recommend you to reschedule your exam date and leverage our service to better prepare the examination. It can save you extra time to take the exam again and also USD299 to retake.

Sure. You can enjoy study seamlessly and access desktop and mobile anytime and anywhere.

The billing address field in the PayPal payment page is only for credit card companies for payment verification. This is to avoid any fraudulent payment to occur. We will not be able to acquire this information.

For details, you can refer to PayPal official page for more information

Certainly, if you wish to study them in hard copy instead. You can print your desired questions in your browser when hovered to the questions. However, we strongly recommend you to study online as it can save you a lot of time and ensure all content is of the latest version.

Please click here to reset your account password and kindly check your spam folder for the password reset link.

We have covered the advantages that we offer over all other CAMS exam preparation vendor. But in the interest of complete transparency and so that you can make the decision that is in your best interest. We need to be upfront and tell you that we are not a magic bullet and you will need to spend time to leverage our service to pass in the CAMS examination. 

For example, our practice questions database are huge; we carefully craft each and every questions and structure them so that you can benefit by our learning system and reinforce your memory.

We also need you to devote some time everyday to fully utilize our tools. Most other vendors claim a magic 100% pass guarantee after purchasing their service – with few hundreds of questions. 

So if you do not have any time at all and tomorrow is your exam, you probably do not want us. Another reason you might not want to use our service is because we insist on breaking down each chapters in our practice questions bank. That’s because we want to make sure you understand the concepts of each chapters before moving on to the next one and it is proven to be more efficient in understanding CAMS exam content. 

Finally our prices are a bit more than ordinary vendor. That’s because we insist on providing the fresh, latest, premium quality of questions and service to our clients. That means that unlike some of our competitors out-dated practice questions, if you do not benefit from our service, we will extend your service completely for free. You won’t need to worry about losing your time and money invested in our tools.

Because of these reasons, we are not for everyone, but we wanted you to be fully informed about the way CAMSExam work. To provide the top-notch quality of service to all of our dedicated candidates.

No problem at all. Our checkout page support both PayPal and Stripe payment. Your personal information and credit card details is not shared to us.

Yes. You can check out our free trial questions for CGSS and Advanced CAMS-RM at link below


2. Advanced CAMS-RM

You may purchase CAMS, CGSS and/or Advanced CAMS-RM at once to enjoy additional 15% off discount. You can pause any of the access anytime when you are ready to begin the exam preparation. 

You may contact us at [email protected] our client service manager will revert to you within 24 hours.

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