Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

All our study material flash card, enormous quiz bank will be enabled to you immediately.

We structure our exam questions and key concepts highlight so that you can spend minimum time to prepare for the exam.

Study efficiently with your hand held device anytime, anywhere.

CAMS EXAM have years of experience in CAMS. Our examination team attend CAMS exam from time to time to ensure that the latest examined content is covered in our database.

Allow you to spend a minimal amount of time to study exactly what you need to know to get certified.

We guarantee every penny you invest in yourself today is well worth.

  1. You Save USD299 And A Lot Of Time To Retake The Exam: Do you know you have to wait 60 days before you can take the second attempt? Besides, a candidate is not allowed to take the exam more than three times and no exceptions are allowed. The waiting period after the third attempt is 6 months. For details please refer to official ACAMS FAQ here. With CAMSExam, you buy more than just insurance, but put yourself into the elite field of professionals in your first attempt.
  2. Your Time Worth Every Dollar: We take a taxi; walk the fastest route; work in the most efficient way possible because we all know our time is priceless. Investing in yourself today with the best tool for the CAMS exam is definitely a wise choice.
  3. Less Than A Coffee A Day: For less than a coffee a day, you invest into yourself for knowledge that will pay the highest divided ever in your career.
  4. The Best Quality And Quantities: Our study materials are proven to work and will help you to be successful in the financial field. At CAMSExam, we decided many years ago that it would be easier to explain price one time than to apologize for poor quality or poor service forever. And we bet you are glad we made that decision.
  5. Cheap Will Cost You More: Some of our clients have gone for the USD40 for 90 questions from other vendors and failed the exam. We believe our success relies on your happiness and success in the exam. Choose us and once and for all, you will pass the series exam in one goal.
  6. We Cost Less In The Long Run: You never know what kind of job opportunities you have missed by procrastinating your success. Get the series exam passed so that you can have a better chance to increase your salary package and get the next job opportunity as fast as possible. Why settle for the ‘get by’ when in the long run the good costs less?
  7. You Never Pay Too Much: If you like our product and the cost is your only concern, then you would definitely agree that it is difficult to pay too much for something you really like.
  8. Extremely Affordable Cost: We send our colleagues to attend the exam, formulate our own unique questions so that you can prepare the exam the most effective way ever. The cost to maintain the high quality of questions is high, but not for you. The price we listed here is extremely affordable and well worth it.
  9. Every Dollar Are Well Invested: As you might have already aware, CAMSExam place no advertisement in Google, Bing or any social media. We rely 100% on word of mouth. This also means that every dollar you invest today goes to the acquisition of the practice questions, key study notes, and bonus articles.

Three bonus articles will be available to you after payment under the menu tab “Exam Format and Tips”

Bonus Article One: Advanced Application of The Ancient Roman Memory Method

Bonus Article Two: Study Hacks To Reduce Stress And Improve Your Memory

Bonus Article Three: How To Speed Read and Remember Them

The precise number of questions varies from time to time. We constantly remove and add new questions to our database. There is over 2000+ exercise questions for all chapters in total.

The amount of questions will cover all the examined topics and chapters.

Account access is granted automatically. Login details will be sent to you instantly. (Please check spam folder if you have not received them within 1 minute)

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We respect the copy right of ACAMS and the goal of CAMS EXAM is to facilitate your study but not for candidates to memorize the exact questions and answer in the exam.

As a matter of fact, the questions bank in the real exam is very large which makes it impossible for any candidate to memorize all the questions and answer.

Our study materials and quiz bank will pin point the key concepts of the area that will be tested in the real exam.

In the real examination, you may see questions come in a longer length in the text. In CAMSExam, we formulate our questions in a way that tests candidates the core concepts immediately. Therefore, you will see the questions asked in CAMSExam more precise and straight to the point for you to practice and test your knowledge.

CAMS EXAM quiz bank is formed not only by our examination team but also our past candidates. Once you have subscribed to our service and have passed the exam, our dedicated account manager will contact you for us to understand the most refreshed content of the exam.

Once you have subscribed to your service. All the database, quiz bank, study materials will be available to your account instantly. Due to the nature of our service, we regret that we do not have any refund policy.

However, we are very confident that our tools can help you to pass CAMS EXAM, therefore if you have unfortunately failed the exam and have enrolled our premium access at least 15 days before your exam. We will extend your access for another 15 days for USD150 access | 45 days for USD200 access | 90 days for USD250 access and | 180 days for USD350 access within one year of time.

Please note you are required to send us the official ACAMS exam score for verification.

Certainly. Once you have subscribed to our service. You will receive an official receipt in your email.

No. Different subscription plan will have the same study materials and quiz bank. They only differ from the number of days of usage.

We are confident that our tool can help you to pass with ease.  As such, if you have unfortunately, for any reasons, failed the exam, we will grant the same days of access you have purchased within 1 year for free.

For example, if you have enabled 30 days of access and have failed the exam. Within one year of time from the first purchase date, we will grant additional 30 days of access for you for free until you have passed the exam. Likewise, for candidate whom purchased 90 days of access, free access of 90 days will be granted if candidate have failed the exam.

Please note, candidates are required to provide failed exam screen shot for proof.

CAMSExam reserve the rights for any decision and any decision are considered final.

We accept all sort of credit cards in the world. No PayPal account is needed for payment and PayPal is the world famous #1 payment gateway to protect your personal information.

As much as we want to provide subscription plan less than 15 days and acquire more business, however from our past experience, 15 days is the minimum amount of days for our candidate to complete at least 50% of our practice questions.

We sincerely want to help you to pass the CAMS exam with our service, as such, we regret that we do not have any subscription plan for less than 15 days.

We highly recommend you to reschedule your exam date and leverage our service to better prepare the examination. It can save you extra time to take the exam again and also USD299 to retake.

Sure. You can enjoy study seamlessly and access desktop and mobile anytime and anywhere.

The billing address field in the PayPal payment page is only for credit card company for payment verification. This is to avoid any fraudulent payment to occur. We will not be able to acquire this information.

For details, you can refer to PayPal official page for more information:

Certainly, if you wish to study them in hard copy instead. You can print your desired questions in your browser when hovered to the questions. However, we strongly recommend you to study online as it can save you a lot of time and ensure all content is of the latest version.

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