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Roman has developed a method to memorize effectively and the way to do is to imagine yourself in a room that you know well. Perhaps in your living room, bedroom, an office, your parents home or the route that you walk very often.

The Roman memory system, in principle, is to attach things you want to remember into the object within the room. So that you can recall the objects without any effort.

Imagine you went on a boat trip and you left your bag in a room, you put your towel near the edge of the boat and your personal belonging is hidden under a towel near a box. After the party is over, you are able to pick all these items and locate all these items without any issues. Why is that? Because our brain function in a way and allow you to memorize all these images into your brain and you can recall them. This also works for taxi driver capability to know which route to take when you give them the destination you want to go.

To further elaborate the Roman Technique, imagine you have to memorize the five possible levels of technical compliance regarding FATF standard, they are
1. Compliant
2. Largely compliant
3. Partially compliant
4. Non-compliant
5. Not applicable

You can memorize this using the Roman technique, imagine yourself in your bedroom, for FATF, imagine there is a very fat fly (FAT F), flying in your bedroom. You are the assessors and you want to make a judgment whether this fly complies with the fat fly standard. (The more exaggerated, interesting pictures you create, the better it works)

This can be done with you picturing this fly stays in front of you and complaint ( compliant ), the fly complains to you and later, another fly comes in which is very LARGE is size, the other fly comes in and only have half of the wing.

Finally, the fourth fly comes and it didn’t complain to you (Non-compliant) and eventually, the last fly didn’t fly but just walk in as he is not able to fly. ( not applicable to assess the level of standard ).

The rule of thumb is, the more exaggerated and funnier, crazier it is, it will create better memorization and reinforce your memories.

This works for not just memorizing information in point form but everything as well.

While the Roman memory method requires a lot of practice to make it works, it is tremendously helpful in the long run and makes your study much more fun in practice.

The other way to dramatically improve your studies is to do a lot of practice questions, this will keep your brain active and function to think about the context actively but not passively reading the content.

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